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Google’s Webinar: 5 steps to Adwords Success

I just start to know how Google Adwords works for bringing more visits to our website. Hence I registed to attend one of Google’s webinars. I felt it’s really useful.


There are 5 easy steps to start your Adwords journey.


Step one is to think about your account structure which is very important like building the groundwork for a new house, a good account structure will make your next step much more easier. In the account structure, the hierarchy of the account includes 4 levels, Campaign, Ad Group, Ad Texts and Key words. You need to organise the factors in your way.


Step two is to select the best key words. You can use Google Keywords tool which is free. Aha, finding the right key words is a touch job. First of all, you have to understand the keywords is not appropriate definition, precisely, we should call it as “key phrases”. Hence, you actually need to figure out two group of key phrases, one is the right key phrases, the other is negative key phrases which prevents your ads from appearing in somewhere you don’t like.


Step three is to create your ads. The relevant, useful, clear message is the best. There are 5 tips for you to bury in mind for writing great ads.


1. Relevant
2. Useful information
3. Call to action
4. Clear
5. All links in your ads can lead to the best possible relevant landing pages


I like the most in this part is the three questions to aks yourself when you are writing your ads. Qustion 1 is what makes your product stand our your competitor; question 2 is what are the specific or technical details about the products you provided; question 3 is what you want the customers do after they click on your Adwords ads and comes through to your website.


Step 4 is to make sure you have the relevant landing page for customer to view your products.


Step 5 is how you are going to track your adwords. There are two free tools you can use, one is Adwords Conversion Tracking, the other is Google Analytics.


I highly suggests you to register the Google Adwords webinar if you want to learn more about Google Adwords. I will update my learning in here soon.


Have fun!

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