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AdWords Welcome Pack: Show your ad on relevant websites

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Did you know that in addition to showing your AdWords ad on Google search, you can also show it on websites that your customers visit?

The Google content network is a large, diverse network of different kinds of websites that partner with Google. On this network, you can show your ad to potential customers when they’re looking at websites related to your product or services.

Why show my ads on websites as well as search pages?

Internet users spend the majority of their time online browsing websites. By advertising on both search and the content network, you can reach your target audience no matter what they’re doing online.

The content network is made up of thousands of websites, from big household names to small specialised websites, such as blogs or forums. This means AdWords can match your ad to websites that are relevant to your product or service and that your potential customers visit.

Want to know more about the content network? Take a look at the video below.

Watch the video here!
Watch the video here!

How do I make sure the content network works for me?

When your campaign is opted-in to the content network, AdWords automatically targets your ads to relevant content on websites. This means your message is matched to the right audience at the right time.

For example, if you’re selling digital cameras, our system may place your ad next to a news article that reviews the latest digital photographic technology. In this case, you know that a user who is looking at this web page is likely to be interested in buying from you.

The principles you apply to your search campaigns will also help your ads perform well on the content network:

  • Follow ad best practices, like using a strong call to action in your ad
  • Have clear themes in your ads that match your keywords
  • Have a clear, relevant theme to your list of keywords

Together these basic actions allow our system to assess very clearly what your product or service is and match your ads to relevant websites.

Learn more about ad targeting on the content network.

How can I see how my ad is performing on websites?

You can review all of the websites your ad has shown on and see performance statistics on each site directly within your AdWords account. To do this simply select the ‘Networks’ tab within your campaign and click on ‘show details’ beside your content placements.

With this information, you then have the ability to focus your advertising on the sites that give you the greatest value for your money and get you the most sales or leads. Learn more about how to assess your ad performance on the content network.

Sounds great! How do I double check that my ad is eligible to show on websites?

To get your ads showing on relevant websites ensure that you are opted-in to the content network.

If you’d like more information about the content network, visit the online AdWords Beginner’s Guide.



The Google AdWords Team

P.S. Next week we’ll cover how you can measure your performance and find out if AdWords is working for you!

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