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Use your Analytics Report to optimise AdWords

First of all, link Google Analytics to your AdWords. Import your google analytics goals and transaction into your adwords account to users conversion action. It allows you to track your campaign and optimise your conversion directly.Some of the benefits of using conversion tracking with Analytics are:

– Convenient access to Analytics goals, transactions, and session data related to your AdWords ad.
– More robust conversion tracking within AdWords, which can help you make smarter bidding choices and more targeted campaigns. This helps advertisers and website users alike as the end result is for users to see more relevant ads.
– Google Analytics data automatically imported into the Conversion Optimizer to streamline bidding for conversions from AdWords and Analytics for qualified advertisers
Second of all,  let’s have a look what benefits Google Analytics can bring to your AdWords Account? The Key Metrics of Google Analytics to use:

1. How users interact with your website. This metric can help you figure out which landing page you will use for your adwords,what the best time of the day you make your ads appear.

The important data to review:Pages/Visits, Average Time on site, % New Visits and Bounce Rate.

For the bounce rate, there is no good or bad bounce rate,if you do have a particular bad bounce rate, you should look into your key words level instead of your campaign level. Take one of you ad group as an example, if 90% visiters arrive without visiting more than one page, your bounce rate is 90%. A few question you should ask to look into this problem further:

-Is landing page irrelevant to user? Is there most specific landing page you can drive your visiter in?
-Are the key words specific integrated in your product and service
-Does the wording acuately reflect what you offer? what users can expect from your offer.
2. Analyse the performance of your account by country or region. This metric can help you set up more targeted ads on your adwords account.

Look at your site usage report on your google analytics, group it by country/territory. Sort by conversion rate to find your key markets, and then use your goole analytic geographic performace to segement your adwords account geographicly.

Are you targeting all valuable markets? It completely depends on your bugets.If you have budget constraint, Let’s target most valube geographic. Go to your Google Analytics report, look at Map overlay, click goal conversion tab, you will be able to find out which country have the best performance.

3.What time of the day your ads have the highest performance rate

You can find out what time of the day you customer make the purchase at your Google Analytic report. Then jump into your adwards account, in Ad schedule, you can ensure your ad can appear certain time of the day want increase your conversion.

4.How to creat your customised report
Creat your cutomer report which contains the metrics most valuabe to you, your manager or overall your business. It’s easy, based on your interest, drag and drop metrics into the blue metric boxes and demensions into the green dimension boxes, then click the create report button. Preview it, if you are not happy, you can cancel it and recreate it again.

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