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What you can do on Facebook to promote your product and services?

Social Media Marketing is so hot. Everyone now is involved in at least one type of social media. There is no excuse for a marketer losing their attention to the social media marketing which is of course a big topic to talk. I am only sharing some practical tips here on a few specific social media.

The first post is Facebook

Facebook provides a platform where people can communicate efficiently with people they know. It is an authentic environment where people share information openly and easily. Facebook adoption in Australia is the highest of all countries per online population in the world with 48.2% of Australian Internet users having an active Facebook account. Australian Facebook users spend on average 22 minutes a day on Facebook, they visit the site on average 2.1 times a day and have on average 120 friends. (Nielson Netratings June 2009) 44% of users are male and 33% are aged 25-34 years representing a target audience of approx 2.2 million users. (Facebook advertising tool.)

On facebook, if you have budget restraints, there are four promotion tools you can use to interact with potential and current customers.

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Application
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Connect

Facebook Page

A Facebook page is a necessary toll to create a brand identity for your product and services as well as to allow potential customers to interact, learn and spread the word about your product and services.

The key to the Facebook platform is to encourage people to become “fans” of the brand page allowing them to connect with potential consumers in conversations about the brand. It also allows brands to be a part of conversations that consumers are already having with friends throughout the Facebook platform.

On the facebook fan page, you should include the following elements/tabs;

Wall: to allow for discussions between the brand & fans.
Info: to provide information on your product and services and to provide positioning.
Competition: Information in regard to your product and services promotion.
Application: If it’s possible, you can design games which integrated with your product character.

You can also embed your Twitter, YouTube account on your facebook fan page, make your customer to interact with your completely.

It is critical that your fan page is designed to be engaging and to encourage communication between users and the brand. Content should be added regularly including photos, videos, notes, competition elements, events etc to ensure the page is always fresh and provides valuable content.

Facebook pages also allow for page insights to be tracked including demographics on fans and information around the fan bases interaction with the page. It is critical that this information is analysed and used to adapt the campaign and page over time.

Facebook Connect
Facebook connect enables users to “login” to your website using their Facebook login and share their activity on this website with Facebook friends as well as being able to see their friends activity. This ensures that friends of those who are engaging with the website will see what their friends are doing and encourage them to visit the page or interact with these updates.

Facebook Connect allows you to leverage the enormous social networking power of Facebook and to seamlessly connect the your website with Facebook. This will connect the content between Facebook and website including competition and blog entries. It will also ensure that anyone who enters a video or who interacts with the website will have this activity posted in all of their friend’s newsfeeds.

Facebook Advertising
Facebook advertising allows for display advertising to be targeted based on a number of criteria including, age, geographic area, and interest targeting (which picks up keywords on the users wall and profile). This enables zero wastage to ensure only the desired target market will be served with the advertising.

Facebook advertising is unique in the social aspect of its advertising where in the ads themselves encourage users to interact with them, comment, and share information with their friends.

There are a few types of ads you can purchase:

Poll Engagement Ad – This ad asks the user a question and encourages their engagement.
Fan Engagement Ad – This ad lists the users friends who have become fans and encourages them to also fan the page.

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