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What you can do on Linkedin to promote your product and services?

LinkedIn is a professional Social networking platform which links more than 50 million influential, affluent and ambitious professionals with average household income of $109K from over 200 countries. Users create a profile that summarizes their professional achievements and allows them to connect with other professionals showcase their skills or share their expertise.

There are currently 875,000 Australian members on LinkedIn, making this a perfect advertising platform for your product and services. LinkedIn targeting is also more accurate than some other social platforms as profile information represents the user’s public face and is therefore often updated and correct. Advertising can be targeted on a number of criteria including Industry, Seniority, Job Function, Company size and Geography.

You can create a rich media schedule to connect with users through rich display advertising. A ‘custom target’ media schedule will be developed to maximize frequency and purchased on a CPM (Cost per Thousand impressions) basis. The ‘custom targeting’ will ensure you reach your target market only and there is no wastage.

Another benefit of this advertising is the fact that you are also able to use LinkedIn to track customers for retargeting. This will be done by placing a cookie on the LinkedIn customers (who you know are within your target market) and then re-targeting them through your other online advertising. This is an incredible opportunity and will ensure that your other online banner advertising is more effectively targeted.

There also have some other social media you can use, such as youtube, flickr etc. To know more practical skills on the social media, the only thing you need to do is to have an account on these social networking media and play with it.

P.S. I will post another article in regard to the measurement of all kinds of social media very soon. Even though, the measurement for the social media is still in its infancy, we’d better put our hands on it now.

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