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What you can do on Twitter to promote your product and services?

Twitter is an online micro-blogging service allowing users to post updates or comments in less than 140 characters per post. In the last year Twitter has exploded, growing far beyond expectations. Although it is hard to find accurate data it is currently estimated that there are more than 1 million twitter user in Australia.

If you want to update your product and service information, especially your blog in the public quickly, it is critical for you to have a presence on Twitter for the following reasons.

Brand mentions: Twitter allows you to find out who is talking about your company and your product and to become a part of this conversation.

Customer service: Twitter provides a channel for you to talk to potential customers who might be interested in your product and your ongoing promoetion and to continue the conversation through the purchase cycle.

Promotions: Twitter provides a perfect platform to make your promote, competition in the air and to encourage discussion.

Competitiveness: If your brand has an entrepreneurial spirit and excellent brand advocating, you would expect the brand to have a presence on this platform.

Domain squatting: You need to create an official brand representation for your product and your brand… otherwise someone else will!

Personality: Twitter allows your product and services to have a personality and a human voice. It allows you to meet your customers online, react to criticism and problems as well as questions. It also allows customers to become more comfortable with the brand and encourages interaction.

The following steps must be undertaken to create your product presence on Twitter;

• Username chosen & created: This should be @your product name or your brand name
• Profile completed: By including a logo and information about your product and services that you can establish an identity for the brand
• Start tweeting: Start sharing relevant and engaging information through fostering conversation with others considering the content and tone matches the identity of the brand.
• Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of your tweets should add value and be informative and interesting, the other 20% can be a little quirky and different. However, given your brand this rule can probably be pushed a little.
Once you start it, you will know what trenmendous benefits Twitter can bring to you.

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