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Sony Ericsson Hopper Invasion Campaign (Continued)

The matrix for media communication works well. No matter where customers see the Hopper Invasion message, they will be lead to the website and encouraged to join in the Hopper Invasion campaign.

Areas that could have been improved

There are a few things Sony Ericsson could have done better.

Product not tie-in with the campaign
Every campaign is executed for promoting the product. The Hopper Invasion is a fantastic idea and the campaign is highly interacting with the customers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tie-in the product with the campaign. Customers seem to have lots of fun on being part of campaign itself, but they might not pay attention to what the product is.
To promote the camera phone, Sony Ericsson should entice customer who are in the city with the campaign launched to take pictures with Sony Ericsson Satio.
The competition should be created based on two targets.
– People in the city where the campaign ran. Join in the competition, you have to upload the best Hopper Picture you took by Sony Ericsson Satio or Aino.
– People who are not in the city where the campaign ran. Join in the social network (Facebook or Twitter) to pick the best picture, the most enthusiastic contributor will win a grand prize.
Therefore, the target customer in the world will be engaged with both product and campaign.

Lack of user generated content
The whole campaign is cautious on using blogosphere.
There is not either product preview blog, product manager blog or customer comments on the Hopper Invasion website.
Sony Ericsson might regard the Hopper Invasion website as a campaign information website, but the product review link should be at least added in the campaign website.

Mechanics Issue on email campaign
The campaign might have some problems on continuing interaction with the customers. Especially on email campaign, the post campaign activity is conducted by email campaigns.
The customer is told that once they created and leased their hoppers, they will be given further instructions via email on how to participate and where to see the web-based Flash Mob.
I have created my hopper, apart from the email notification telling me my hopper launched successfully; I haven’t received any updated information.

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