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Digital Marketing Platform


Digital marketing is sizzling hot in the Marketing Industry. There is no doubt more and more company is gradually increasing their marketing budget on digital marketing. Some companies are acting promptly, some are very cautious. I think the one who are acting cautiously on giving more budgets on internet marketing might be due to a few reasons.


  1. Not quite familiar with the so called digital marketing, especially with so many marketing jargons, such as SEO, SEM etc.
  2. Even though having some sense with the terms, there aren’t enough knowledge on how exactly the digital marketing is served for the business.
  3. Most importantly, the understanding of digital marketing evaluation might be the key for all these issues.


I might be able to answer some of the questions but won’t be comprehensive. It’s only based on my personal knowledge.


First of all, understanding the digital marketing platforms is the basic. There are many ways to group digital marketing platforms it depends on personal interest. From customer oriented business model, all marketing activities will be focused on two perspectives, one is customer acquisition, and another is customer retention. Therefore, the digital marketing platforms can be allocated based on these two perspectives.


Customer Acquisition


1.      Paid Media


Display advertising is also called web banners which have been published on the protocol websites, such as ninemsn, yahoo7 and other internet web platforms. This type of platforms is pretty much like traditional print advertising. Publish position, display module (Tabloid) and frequency etc need to be considered.


Most importantly, internet display advertising can be easily tracked by ad agency server; hence, you will be able to know the results of your display ads immediately. Well, you might say you can also track the results of traditional print ads by coupons code or something else. Yes, you are on. 


2.      Search


Search is broken out into two components: natural search (SEO), also called organic search, and sponsored search (SEM).


Each of them is a big subject to talk. In addition, the strategy and tactic for these two topics keep changing. Marketers and agencies are trying their best to keep up with it. Obviously it depends on Google which is still deomineting 64 percent share of serches. Yahoo! and Microsoft together are 28 percent. 


3.      Community Media


Community media includes any user generated content, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace and more…


Customer Retention


1.      Customer Database Management


Customer database management is similar to personal relationships. Understanding your customers is crucially important for your business development. It’s some kinds of job you do appropriately which can improve your customer loyalty, consequently your brand equity.


The simplest way is to study your customer’s behaviours, such as their shopping basket, how often they made purchase, what’s the last time they made a purchase, how much they paid per purchase (basket size) etc.


Group your customer into a few groups by research their shopping behaviours. Who is the champion customers and who is the detractor, treat them differently, they will reward you differently.


2.      Email Marketing


Email marketing is the cheapest marketing. If the quality of your customer data is good enough, it also can be most effective marketing. There are a few things you might want to keep in mind.


          be relevant (content and subject line)

          select appropriate frequency

          select appropriate time

          measure and test

          learn and optimise


3. Others you might think of

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