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What are the ads server systems for Publisher in Australia?

I am going to share with you some of my stories of hunting a “powerful” ads server system in the last two months.


We are now using OpenX system which is a US based FREE ads server system. Everyone around me feels frustrated with this system, one of my colleagues even doesn’t want to touch it at all. Most of them feel it’s very difficult for use. For me, it’s not very difficult system to use but its stability is a big problem. It drives me crazy. I give you two examples.


Example one, I set up an ads with start and end date, it’s still appearing on the website even though the end date is due. I tried to deactivate the banner but it does not stop its display on the website. Therefore, I have to take off the zone which linked to the banner. Apparently, the date you set up is useless.


Example two, It’s very difficult to control the Share Of Voice ads type on OpenX. for instance, you have 2 client ads, one is suppose to be given 20% SOV, the other one needs arranging 40% SOV. The only way you can do is to set up the weight in both campaign level and banner level. Even if you do so, you can’t see the proportion in probability of the zone. Furthermore, you can’t delivery the ads evenly. You might be able to, but you need to do the calculation of setting up the weight.


Now, you understand how frustrated my colleagues are. Hey mate, what are you complaining about? it’s a FREE system. Yes, I’d better shut up, if you want a better service, please go away for a paid system.


Here I am, I went away for hunting a better system. It’s a bit difficult at the beginning as I don’t know where I should start with. But it’s also a pleasant journey as I got some knowledge to share with some of you who might work in the same area as me.


There are many ads server systems for publisher out there in the market. Unfortunately, because Australia market is so small, most of them don’t have local support service, they are hosted at overseas.


Atlas Solution, owned by microsoft, they don’t provide service for publisher anymore in Australia, they close its service for publisher in Australia 6 month ago but still provide service for advertisers.


DoubleClick, owned by Google, Hosted in worldwide


Helios IQ, owned byAdTech, local hosted, it’s a good product but they charge based on your revenue. Details need to contact with their client manager.


Open AdStream, owned by 24/7 Real Media, hosted in US.


OpenX: Free system, broadly used in the market


DFP for Small Business: owned by Google, It’s doubleclick free system designed for small business. If you want to use this free system, you have to integrate with your Google Adsense. Apparently, there is no free meal in the world, you have to somehow pay for it. If you want to use this free system, you have to use your Google AdSense user ID and Password to log in. This way, Google can use your spare ads space to publish its client Google Adwords. Of course, you can control your ads units to disable Google AdSense or enable Goolge AdSense. Basically, you are not manipulated.






Right Media






After the above research, I end up contacting with DoubleClick Paid and DoubleClick for Small Business. We will see which is more suitable for us to use. Hopefully, I will have a post with regard to the pros and cons of using DFP for Small Buisness.

P.S. Please check the product on the company’s website for the detailed information, as it’s a personal blog, I am not responsible for the accuracy.

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