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Why is your website so slow?

No matter which company I am working for, I always hear someone is complaining the speed of website. Why is it so slow? The reason might be vary. From a IT layman perspective, there could have a few reasons which slow down you website speed. such as server, images, website structures and JavaScripts etc.


Most of you must familiar that if you understand your customer, you will win. Therefore, in order to understand the customer very well, we have to allow many codes to embedded on our website, such as Omniture code, Google Analytics code, Neilson Tracking Code, Ads server code etc. I believe it’s just a small list of the codes I mentioned here, there should have more than that. All these codes we generally call them as JavaScript codes.


Is there anyway we can do with these codes to improve website speed? Yes, there is an easy and simple way you can do to improve your website speed, thank for Google whose team always try their best to improve its product and service. Google update the Google Analytics code, it’s called Asynchronous Snippet, we are told that the Asynchromous Snippet “offers an improved way to track website visitors with Google Analytics. It takes advantage of browser support for asynchronous JavaScript to enhance the speed in which the tracking code is loaded. With this version of the tracking code, you can also place the Analytics snippet higher in the page without delaying subsequent content from rendering”. More details, please click:


Lucky we are with Google Product ( borrowing from AAIM’s TV slogan)! There is one thing for sure that we are waiting for other analytic products to update their tracking code, when can we get Omniture to update their tracking code with the concern of improving user’s website speed performance? And Neilson, more and more other tracking code providers….

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