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Heat Map Tools

I need to provide a website heat map for our sales department, the map is supposed to provide some insights for the client about the hot spots of our website. I know Google Analytics overlay has this function, unfortunately it only shows some numbers (click map) without a visualized picture. Omniture ClickMap provides a better result, I am working on pulling it onto my dashboard at the moment.


Heat Mapping (or click mapping) tools record visitor clicks to create visual maps of user activity.

– AttentionWizard

AttentionWizard generates a sample virtual heat map. It attempts to map out the areas that will draw the most visual “heat”. It can help you quickly understand how images, headers, and other visual elements can both reinforce and distract form your content.

Visual Hot Spots blow up shows how dramatically a logo and header text can draw visual attention. It also helps to show how attention flows from one element to the next. Understanding these hot spots can help you better understand how to strategically place critical visual elements.

AttentionWizard provides a 14 days free trial, simply register and play with it.

Oops, forgot to tell you, you just need to upload your website screenshot. The free trial accepts the max image dimention 1024×768, once you start to pay, the max image dimention is 1920×1080.

How does it work?

AttentionWizard uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to simulate human visual processing and attention. The software instantly creates an “attention heatmap” of your Web page that predicts where someone would look during the first few seconds of their visit. They provide instant results – just upload an image, no eye-tracking or mouse-tracking needed.

– ClickDensity

Clickdensity tracks visitor clicks to produce a click map showing you hot spots of activity. Clicks can be displayed as a heat map, click map, or hover map. Customization options include filtering by browser type and date-range, as well as a useful transparancy adjustment to view the heat map more clearly.

You can start a free trial:

– Crazy Egg

The strength of Crazy Egg is its reporting interface is very easy to use, but the customization options are limited, the core reports are powerful and well-designed.

It’s not a free system, you have to paid 🙁

You need use the website url.

– Feng-GUI

Feng-GUI uses a sophisticated algorithm to mimic the kind of heat map that would be produced by an eye-tracking study. This is not a click map, but a simulation of what acual gaze patterns might look like. Simply upload a screenshot, and the algorithm returns a heat map. While Feng-Gui isn’t meant to replace a laboratory eye-tracking study, the results are impressive.

It’s free!

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