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Google Algorithm – Panda

What is Google Panda? It’s Google Algorithm which represents good cyber-governance. “It has allowed Google to Send untrustworthy, repetitive and unsatisfying content to the back of the class”( Viginia Heffernan, 2011).
What is it that drives Google to launch this Algorithm? It’s Content Farms, which has flourished on the Web in the pas 18 months, are massive news sites that use headlines, keywords and other tricks to lure Web-users into looking at ads.Apparently, Google had evidently been humiliated by the content-farm system.Under this circumstance, Google launched the Algorithm – Panda. With regard to the details of background infromation, Viginia Heffernan did a throrough reserach, the report was published on The New York TImes, The Opinion Pages on June 26, 2011.
The purpose of Google Pands is to help people find more high-quality sites in search. It’s only launched for English-language users.Based on this algorithm, Google provies a Quality Guidelines to help some webs which has high-quality content but has been impacted by this change. The guideline is in here: You can use it to improved your site.
How exactly Panda will impact on your site ranking? here is some opinions from Danny Sullivan with an article of Why Google Panda Is More A Ranking Factor Than Algorithm Update.
Surly, there is a hot buzz about this change recently. To find out how Google’s Panda Update changed SEO best practices forever, I would prefer the video talk by Matt cutts with a much better understanding on how we are going to do practically with Google’s Panda.

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