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Simplicity is the golden rule for everything

I am sure people in the digital marketing world feels stressful when it comes to the knowledge updates. New technology is always out there for you to keep up with. If you didn’t keep you eyes on blogs or website for a while, you feel you are out of date immediately.

Veronica Fielding posted an Articles on Fastc@mpay – SEO isn’t waht you think it is. She mentioned that “…Both the Panda and Penguin updates contained very clear messages for marketers: stop focusing on technology and tricks and start focusing on people. If your website appeals to people, it will appeal to Google’s algorithms too…”. It’s very true! Panda or Penguin are Google’s algorithms which meant to prevent Web Expertise using artificial intelligence to optimize their websites.
If you want to focus on technology, you will become the busiest marketer in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say Technology is not important, of course, it’s critically important in digital marketing world, you definitely need to know what it is. But let’s just concentrate on our products and our customers, if you know your customer well, you will provide the best product for them, they will be happy. Eventually, you will become the happiest person in the world.

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