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How does Google Ads work for Small Business Owners

Google Adwords has been existing for more than 18 years in Market, now it’s renamed to Google Ads. It’s an action for Google to providing an integrated advertising system for business to reach its customer via search, videos on YouTube, location on Google Maps, Apps on Google Play, content across the web and more.

Small Campaign

Small Campaign is part of Google Ads, it’s built for small business owners who can create ads in minutes and drive real results, such as making your phone ring, sending leads to your website, or bringing customers to your store. By the end of this year, Google will launch Image Picker, making it easier for Small Business owner create an Google Ads. You simply pick the top three images from Google’s suggestion or upload your own, and your ads will be ready to go. Most importantly, you can get better results by testing combination of the text and images you selected. It’s smart.

Google My Business App

It’s a free tool that helps small business owners reach more people online and connect with customers through Google. You download it from the App Store, fill in the information(such as your business address, name, website, working hours etc) and get verified by Google. You can also set up google ads via this app if you have the budget.

Again, insight matters. The App help you see how many people are finding and connecting with you from your Business Profile on Google. Google puts your profile results front-and-center on the home screen so you’re always in the know.

This free app seems to be a good solution for small business easily reach it’s customers. It has your location, products or services, contact info, advertising etc everything you can think of combined in one place, you just need to work on it and your business will be found by people who searches you.

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