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Lili Tang is the Founder of Terracotta Digital Consultant company. The company aims at providing digital marketing solutions for local small and medium business who like to reach its target customers via digital channels. The company also helps local business to promote its product or services to Chinese market (Domestic and Overseas).

Lili grew up in China and educated in both China and Australia. She holds Master Degree in Marketing from University of Sydney. She has 20 years marketing experience in health insurance (Bupa), healthcare media (MIMS), online retail (Bertelsmann), financial services industry (American Express) and leading IT company (Lenovo). Now she and her family enjoy living in Bathurst. She brings her digital marketing knowledge and skills to serve the increasing demand of local business.

She is a data-driven marketer, proficient in using analytic skills to translate complex data into insightful and actionable recommendations. She has extensive digital marketing experience in Digital Project Management, Digital Marketing Strategy, Programmatic Advertising, Retargeting, SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Acquisition Project, Digital Marketing Campaign, Database Management, Multi-channel Attribution analysis and report.

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