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Category: Display Advertising

Build-in Ad Sever On BrightCove

How to set up a standalone ad server on BrightCove? The following article is written by John Huebner. It’s quite useful, I follow up the article step by step to set up a standalone ad server to sever in-stream video ads. Written with John Huebner….

In Steam Video Advertising + Video Content + Website

To explain the relationship of these three things, let’s image a scenario first. You are working for a big media company, editorials in your company think it would be cool if you have a video content on your website, sales people think it’s a marv…

What are the ads server systems for Publisher in Australia?

I am going to share with you some of my stories of hunting a “powerful” ads server system in the last two months.We are now using OpenX system which is a US based FREE ads server system. Everyone around me feels frustrated with this system, one of…

Jobs from a publisher side

Now I am working for a medical media publishing company. We are providing independent medical information to healthcare practioners, such as docotors, nurses and pharmacists. The way of doing things will be slightly different. I was facusing on ef…